Canada visitor or Tourist visa is a temporary Canadian immigration opportunity that permits the individual to visit the country for up to 6 months.

Visa Requirements

  • Valid passport from each applicant
  • Employment evidence that confirms applicant’s return to native country such as:
  • Confirmation document from employer regarding the salary and duration of employment and/ or employment contract
  • Leave grant letter from employer
  • Salary statements
  • If applicant is self employed his/her business license and/or registration
  • Proof of Personal Funds
  • Letter of invitation and/or statutory declaration of support from family or friend
  • Confirmation of immigration status of invite
  • For visa applicants lacking any invitation must submit detailed program including evidence of air ticket and hotel booking

Visa Fee

Visa fee for each applicant: 100 CAD

Note: The total will not be more than $500 per family, but only if the family members all apply at the same time and place.

Visa processing time is a maximum of 1 month from the submit of application at embassy

Disclaimer: Visa fees may change without prior notice