An individual needs to apply for visitor or tourist visa if he intends to visit New Zealand for short stay. This visa does not allows the person to study or work on this visa category


Visitor visa applicant needs to meet some requirements in order avail the visa. Following are the requirements The applicant must be in good health

The applicant must be in good health

The applicant must not be involved in any criminal activity

The applicant must provide evidence of sufficient funds Applicant should have a passport with at least 3 months validity Applicant should obey the rules imposed but government of New Zealand.

As soon as the visa expires the applicant is require to leave the country.

If an individual is going to New Zealand for business purpose for minimum 3 months, then the person can go through visit visa.


Individual on visit visa can stay in New Zealand for up to nine months time

During your stay

On visitor visa applicant is not allowed to work, to work applicant must apply for work permit. Visitor visa does not allow the person to study for more three months, if any individual intend to study for more than three months then he or she have to apply for student visa.

Reason to apply for Visit Visa

To go on visit visa applicant must have any one of the following reason:

Visiting relatives or friends

Study any short course with maximum duration of 3 months

A short business trip up to 3 months

Going for medical treatment